About me

This is the Official page of Nilesh Chogle, Creative Writer, Author, Blogger from Mumbai, India I am a self-starter Learner, Creative Writer, Editor, Blogger, Author and Motivational Speaker. I have to my credit various unpublished Essays, Non-Fiction Manuscripts on Personal Development and two Fiction Novels

My debut novel, ” Together With You Forever”, which is set against the backdrop of the Mumbai Floods around 26th July, 2005, deals primarily with Love, Romance but teaches about Amnesia & Dementia,(about forgetfulness), the much talked about new dangers to man kinds list of disorders. In a harried society, one needs moderation. One need not go always the Western way but keep focused on the way we Indian’s would love to live our lives at its very best.

My second novel ” Tera Saath Rahe” is a word to word translation of the above mentioned English novel.

My third book dealing yet again with contemporary love and romance would deal with different topics and the approach will be remarkably different.

I am reachable on Facebook, LinkedIn handle @6chogs1. I am lover of books, Photography, Videography, Multimedia, Internet, Music, Painting and sketching, Astrology and Palmistry.

I am a Mumbaikar having born and brought up in this great City in Maharashtra.

I have done my University Degree, in Commerce from the University of Bombay, with specialization in Accountancy and Auditing. Later I went ahead to pursue Company Secretary ship from ICSI, Delhi. I studied as a Post Graduate the PGDFT (Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade) from the World Trade Institute, MVRDC, World Trade Centre in Batch 7. I scored a Gold Medal in the PGDFT Course, which is also affiliated to the IIFT, New Delhi. I am a generalist as well as a specialist. I have a keen understanding of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, Corporate Life and Culture, Proficient in Finance, Foreign Trade, Procurement & Supply Chain Management.

I am now a freelancer and a Creative Writer (Story-teller).